Bulk email marketing software provided by Bladesoft Corporation
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Bulk email software provided by Bladesoft Corporation
Handymailer - The award-winning Bulk Email Marketing Software
Mass mailing, HTML email newsletter delivery, and bulk email marketing campaigns - You can accomplish these tasks with ease
Handymailer is an efficient group email and bulk email marketing software for companies, ezine publishers and professionals, as well as individuals, to communicate with their customers, subscribers, and other email contacts effectively.
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With Handymailer you can design rich HTML emails, newsletters, and ezines easily, and deliver personalized bulk email messages to your customer base and mailing lists.
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Bulk emailing software from Bladesoft Corporation
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Handymailer is the best-in-class email marketing software that empowers you to design and send personalized HTML messages, email marketing campaigns, newsletters, e-zines and promotions quickly and easily. It also helps you build your own opt-in subscriber lists, manage email bounces & unsubscribes automatically. Handymailer provides organizations and individuals with a flexible, cost-effective and valuable means of reaching subscribers, customers and prospects. It also helps you boost sales, generate leads, build trust and increase website traffic.
Handymailer works with or without SMTP servers. You may use the built-in mailing engine for direct sending or use one or more external SMTP servers to deliver your message. You may also let Handymailer send your message directly first, if direct sending fails, then use the backup SMTP servers to send the message again, this ensures your messages are delivered. The Outlook-like visual (WYSIWYG) HTML message composer makes it easy for non-technical users to create eye-catching, professional-looking HTML messages. You may also import html files directly into Handymailer, including those built using Dreamweaver, FrontPage, or other web-design tools or even from the Internet. Whether you are new to email marketing or a seasoned email marketing veteran, you'll find Handymailer an incredibly easy and powerful email marketing software to use.

Features and Benefits

The following advantages and differences make Handymailer the best program in its class,

Outlook-like visual (WYSIWYG) HTML Message Composer
Personalization features to address your email recipients by name
Message format in HTML, Plain-Text, or Both
Three message delivery modes, with or without SMTP servers
Subscription processing, build your own opt-in contact lists
Handle email bounces including both hard and soft bounce
Unsubscribe handling, remove unsubscribe contacts automatically
Load Balance between multiple SMTP servers
Fast email delivery with up to 512 concurrent threads
Import local HTML messages directly or web pages from Internet
Support for Inline/embedded images and file attachments
Support for HTML Email background images/sound
Test and manually approve each message before it's sent
Edit mailing at any time whether it is a draft or has been launched
Copy existing mailing project with just one click
Support for international character sets and languages

And much more ...

If you're familiar with MS Outlook or using a word processor to edit documents, then you have all the skills and experience needed to start using Handymailer!

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