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Bulk emailing software from Bladesoft Corporation
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Bulk Email Marketing Articles & Tips
28 Ways to Build Permission-Based Email Lists
By Loren McDonald

Developing a cost-effective email list poses a challenge for all email marketers. Because email addresses change at a rate of 30 percent or more on most lists, marketers must adopt an aggressive approach to expand their list and yield a significant return on investment.

As you browse the list below please keep these helpful tips in mind:

Consider All Touch Points: Use every point of contact with customers and prospects.

Obtain Permission: Always obtain permission with the confirmed (double) opt-in method for online contacts. For offline contacts, update your database with when, where and how the contact was initiated. Confirm their permission in the first email.

Required Information: Obtain email address, name, format preference and logical interests/preferences.

Focus Equal Attention on Existing Lists: Implement strategies and incentives to transform inactive subscribers into active ones.

Provide Valuable Benefits: Convince potential subscribers of the valuable benefits they¡¯ll receive.

Convey Trust: Clearly state your privacy/email policies.

1. Feature a Sign-Up Form on Each Page of Your Site ¨C Be sure to remember this basic concept. Sign-up opportunities should be ubiquitous throughout your site.

2. Promote Benefits on the Sign-Up Page ¨C Enhance subscription value with sample emails, testimonials and strong call to action copy.

3. Offer Opt-In Incentives ¨C Incentives like white papers, discounts and special reports significantly increase conversion rates.

4. Optimize Your Site for Search Engine Placement ¨C Optimize current and archived newsletters for search engines to increase traffic and subscriptions.

5. Pay for Search Engine Services and Promote Your Email on the Landing Page ¨C If you pay for search services like Google AdWords be sure to include email subscription information on the landing page.

6. Add Opt-in Check Boxes on Demo Requests, White Papers and Registration Forms ¨C Well-executed forms and pages may improve conversion rates by 50 percent or more.

7. Include ¡°Send to a Friend¡± Options ¨C Generate new subscribers with minimal effort if bundled with promotional campaigns.

8. Use Direct Mail and Catalogs ¨C Encourage email subscriptions on all print ads.

9. Direct Employees to Include Messages and Links in Email Signature Lines ¨C Add ¡°Subscribe to the Company X Email Newsletter¡± to employee email signatures.

10. Direct Call Center and Sales Employees to Obtain Permission and Capture Email Addresses Over the Phone ¨C Instruct call center and sales staff to ask customers and prospects if they¡¯d like to receive newsletters or promotional email.

11. Send Post Cards to Customers Encouraging Them to Subscribe to Email ¨C If you have postal contact information for customers but not email addresses, send a post card with opt-in sign-up offer and URL.

12. Hand Out Sign-Up Forms at Public Speaking Engagements and Seminars ¨C Promote your newsletter in presentations and handouts.

13. Implement Rented List Campaigns and Subscriptions ¨C Promote your company in email campaigns and landing pages when you rent email lists.

14. Promote Sign-Ups in Confirmation/Transaction Emails ¨C Add messages and links to opt-in pages of all confirmation and transaction emails.

15. Include Opt-in Line on Credit Card Receipts ¨C Not an obvious method, but may be quite effective.

16. Add Opt-in Message to Warranty and Product Registration Cards.

17. Add Sign-Up Message to Invoices.

18. Display Opt-in Forms at the Cash Register ¨C An approach used by restaurants and retailers to advertise weekday discounts, catering services etc.

19. Promote Your Email/Newsletter in Articles and Article Attribution ¨C Include a reference and link to your newsletter after the byline on articles in trade and consumer publications.

20. Include Opt-in Message and Check Boxes on Shopping Cart Pages ¨C Remember to ask for email format and product/information preferences.

21. Promote Your Email/Newsletter in Other Company Publications ¨C Promote online newsletters in print newsletters, magazines and brochures. Add ¡°Sign up for our monthly newsletter at www.companyX.com/subscribe.html¡± after ¡°Visit www.companyX.com for more information.¡±

22. Include Newsletter Subscriptions in Trade Show Lead Generation Forms ¨C Obtain permission to send your monthly newsletter to booth visitors.

23. Promote Your Newsletter/Promotional Emails in Industry Directories and Sites.

24. Distribute Press Releases Based on Newsletter Articles ¨C Newsletters with topical articles may warrant a press release. Make sure the press release includes links and information on how to subscribe.

25. Include Information and a Link to Your Newsletter in Press Releases ¨C A good option for smaller companies. Include your company newsletter and other resources in press release copy.

26. Include Opt-in Information on Customer Satisfaction Surveys ¨C Ask permission to communicate valuable information via email newsletters and promotions.

27. Include Opt-in Forms in Product Shipping Boxes ¨C Advertise email promotions on packing slips and direct mail cards with links to your site. Many retailers and catalogers also include promotional offers from non-competing companies.

28. Employ a Reputable Email List Service ¨C List services obtain email addresses and permission to email existing customers. Be sure you obtain permission before ¨C or as part of ¨C the first email you send.

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